Sunday, July 24, 2011

Doodlers Anonymous: The permanent home for spontaneous art

Calamitous Fulmination32º sketchcrawl Barcelonalike
redsundaydoodle32º sketchcrawl BarcelonaHemish Skull Doodlepirate circus finishedpirate circus
self portraitMD110721A gun to his headWings & Heart
32º sketchcrawl Barcelona32º sketchcrawl Barcelona2 Trees/SummerPNK DOODLE.jpgFlaming Tiki Skullsimple drawing 7-23-11

Doodling leads to creation!

My first set of mice prototype patterns are done!

I will be adding the patterns free on my site as soon as I clean them up a bit using my new toy (I have a Bamboo Fun tablet!!!).  Here is a preview pic.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Making toy prototypes and test patterns

Not only am I figuring out software to use for my designs, patterns, and e-books; but I am also still designing new toys as well as testing them on prototype patterns.  This is the stage where I see how they actually look and see what to add, change or resize.  I love making toys and best of all I can watch a movie while I do it or listen to some great tunes, or just chit chat with family or friends.  Pictures are of  some of my Assorted Pack of Premium Felt 9 inches X 12 inches, 50 Sheets felt stash, Cotton Embroidery Floss - 105 Skeins - floss stash and me working on some prototypes.  Just a peek for now.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Using Gimp and considering breaking down and buying Illustrator

As a beginner to pattern pdf creation I have learned that I probably need to either breakdown and buy a professional costly program (like Adobe Illustrator) or spend the time learning a program that's free like Gimp.  Scanning my designs is not a problem, however the images are not cleaned up enough for me to offer for sale or as public free patterns...  so my budget and I have decided to fall in love with Gimp!  Oh yes, Gimp I am going to love you and work you to death until I have patterns so squeaky clean and beautiful that I can offer them online.  Because you deserve it (you the reader, yes you, yeah you!)!  

You can help me learn Gimp tricks if you like and even take credit on my site.  I have just finished the download of Gimp and hope to share some of my exploits and tips with you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inspiration for toy patterns

Crazy how I find inspiration for my doodles in my everyday objects that surround me.  This time I found it on the coffee table in my tiny shell treasures.  Here they are with the lid open so you can see the tiny shells.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

To start off toy creation, you may need some lovely felt.

I love to do my initial toy designs on great felt.  This felt really is premium and works up easily.  You can use any medium you desire but because felt is so easy to work with and sews up quickly, it is my favorite starting place. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Setting up a blog and website

Just played around some more on my picture painting graphics and created a simple background picture. Hope it adds a bit more flair to my site. I am willing to learn and try new things as I set up my sites and options. Don't be easily discouraged if you're starting out as well. Push ahead and have fun. You can go back and change things later. Don't be a perfectionist at first. Consider it all a learning curve and fun adventure. Kudos to our host site for making it a fun adventure!